The following represents a sample of some of the interesting projects in which Burke Design has been involved over the years. Some of our work, particularly new product development in the energy, industrial and transportation sectors, is governed by intellectual property and nondisclosure agreements (NDA’s), and therefore cannot be shown below. Projects in these categories include composite wind and hydro power turbines, theme park monorails, etc. If you would like further information on the work that we have done, please contact us.

Burke Design engineers and supervises new construction projects, as well as structural repairs and modifications of all types. Whether your project is large or small, we can help! We provide engineering, detailed step-by-step work procedures, drawings, material selection, and onsite inspections for repairs resulting from collision, grounding, storm damage, fatigue, fire/heat, environmental effects, and other incidents. We also routinely specify the required structural reinforcements for adding any type of specialized hardware. We work closely with you, your yard, shop or insurance company to ensure consistently excellent results. Across town or around the world, Burke Design is ready to assist you with your special requirements!